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Have you copied one of our cd's from a friend? Downloaded any of our songs for free? Want to donate towards our next recording? We've introduced the new guilt button (below) just for you. You'd never know how deep our gratitude lies.

actually........we're not implying that it was you, but if you have inadvertently copied or listened to any music in any form, then dig deep and buy an authorised copy of our album from the link below. It'll help us (and all of the other bands that you love) to keep making these great tunes for your listening enjoyment........ because, let's face it........the only people in the music industry not getting a fair share of the cut are your everyday artists. This is a way for you to contribute directly and give thanks for the soundtrack of your life............go on........ click know you want to!!!!

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Suburban Dreaming
Released 11 May, 2009

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