The Huckleberry Swedes history is as chequered as hounds tooth pants, but a brief look into the band member’s origins and influences will give you some idea of the Huckleberry’s make up.

The Huckleberry Swedes name comes from American anti imperialist, anti racist, humorist/satirist and writer Mark Twain.  It's a pun on the title of his most famous book 'Huckleberry Finn', arguably the most important work of American fiction (which he may or may not have found humorous himself if still alive today)
More info   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Twain  

Until February 2005, the Huckleberry Swedes: Troy Loakes (vocals/acoustic guitar) and Mark Elberg (electric guitar/ vocals), worked mainly as a duo, spending most of their time recording and touring in Europe under the name Canvas. They actually met in a Ski Village in Austria in 1994, performing in the same “musical sweatshop” of a venue in which each act was “expected” to perform upwards of four sets a night.  Loakes recall's........

 ''meeting Mark in this environment which could sometimes feel musically unrewarding and extremely tough, I mean literally bleeding fingers and bouts of Bronchitis, mixed up with a poor diet and the DT's, was a breathe of fresh air; we were like minded and we pulled off some of the wildest renditions of obscure covers you can imagine.''

 They  spent their “down time” between sets, writing and jamming together, and during these late night sessions, Mark and Troy discovered a musical chemistry that has kept them creating music together for the last ten years, over thousands of kilometres and just as many gigs. 

With a line up change, new material and name change, The Huckleberry Swedes  went into the studio in April 2005 with original bass player Paul Cartwright and recorded the Ep, Hair trigger, Paul's other work commitments led him to bow out and he was replaced by Sam Willoughby in late 2005.

... and the ball is rolling,  in January 2006 the band created a bit of a stir at Tamworth and made heaps of new friends, in particular the Flood and Bill Chambers. Loakes and Elberg embarked on a short European tour playing promo gigs. June 06 and The Huckleberry Swedes were on the road with Bill Chambers.

2007 Was spent writing, recording and doing short tours.

2008 included trips to Tamworth, Byron Bay Blues and Roots Fest, Apollo Bay Festival, Gympie Music Muster and a bunch of self promoted tours

Debut album produced by Midnight Oil's, Jim Moginie entitled "Suburban Dreaming" available through Vitamin Distribution